World premiere of 2nd string quartet by Leander Schlegel in Oegstgeest

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On 22 September the international chamber music series Zondagmatinees in De Paulus Oegstgeest, just across the border with Leiden, will be dedicated to the world premiere of the Second String Quartet opus 35 by Leander Schlegel. This Dutch composer, beloved and highly acclaimed up to Vienna, was born on the territory of Oegstgeest at the time and grew up in Leiden. After wandering around Europe, he was for some time a violin teacher at the music school there…   

In addition to Schlegel’s opus 35, the internationally renowned Daniel Quartet performs Beethoven’s String Quartet opus 132.

In terms of style, Schlegel’s oeuvre is an extension of Beethoven, Robert Schumann (1810-1856) and Johannes Brahms (1833-1897). It is remarkable, however, that in his first published works Schlegel immediately shows an entirely individual voice and surpasses his contemporaries, in the Netherlands and even in Vienna, where he was held in high regard.

Composer, violinist and pianist Leander Schlegel (1844-1913) was the third child of Hermann Schlegel from Altenburg in Türingen and Cornelia Buddingh from De Kaag. Schlegel senior, a zoologist and director of the Museum of Natural History, now Naturalis, was considered a significant personality in university life in Leiden at that time. The second child of the Schlegel-Buddingh couple, Gustav Schlegel, became Professor of Chinese Language and Literature in Leiden.

Composer, violinist and pianist Leander Schlegel left a small oeuvre behind. The core of this oeuvre is formed by piano works and songs. He completed his Second String Quartet just before his death in Overveen, where he lived most of his life.


Second string quartet

Due to his death, Schlegel’s Second String Quartet did not reach an internationally renowned publisher, as was the case with his other works. The manuscript ended up at the Netherlands Music Institute in The Hague. At the request of Muziekkamer Oegstgeest it was published by Donemus. Pianist Frans van Ruth, the editor of this publication, has thoroughly researched the oeuvre and life of Leander Schlegel and has published his findings on a separate website:

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