Calliope Tsoupaki: STORM

STORM is a unique collaboration between former Composer of the Netherlands Calliope Tsoupaki, a composer who dares to think from movement, and choreographers Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana, who give shape to sound. Vital emotions and order, dance and music meet in a storm-like performance with six dancers and three musicians.


LeineRoebana is known for its cross-disciplinary productions in which dance and music merge into one whole. In her work, Calliope Tsoupaki is influenced by both ancient and contemporary music; Western composition techniques and the traditional sounds of Greece and the Middle East. Her music is characterised by its melodic nature, warm sound and emotional quality. STORM sounds threatening, but dance and music are intimate, like an incantation of the storm. Sound and movement evoke an echo of ancient Greek folk festivals, alternately ritualistic and emotional. Elements such as circular movements, restrained energy as silence before the storm and the passion of Greek dance and music form the basis. This echo gains momentum through the joint new ordering principles with which Calliope Tsoupaki and LeineRoebana fuse dance and music. STORM is a rollercoaster of dance and music: from supported movement, iconic gestures and ritual precision to restrained and direct emotions performed by a young cast of six dancers and musicians David Kweksilber on (bass) clarinet, David Mackor on theorbo and Dominique Chabot on double bass. The young fashion designer Carlijn Veurink adds another layer with her autonomous sculptural costumes.

Calliope Tsoupaki

Calliope Tsoupaki shares with LeineRoebana a love of old and contemporary music. In her work, Tsoupaki is influenced by all these aspects and thus creates a style that is entirely her own. Her music is appreciated for its melodic character, warm sound and emotional quality. Her best-known work, the oratorio St. Luke's Passion, combines the contrasting worlds of Western European contemporary classical music and the Byzantine music of Eastern Europe. She has composed over 100 works in many genres: solo, orchestral and chamber music, vocal music, dance and theatre music, opera and oratorio. In her instrumentation she often uses special instruments such as qanûn, ney, kemençe, hurdy-gurdy, viola da gamba and pan flute. Calliope has developed into one of the leading composers in the Netherlands and was Composer of the Fatherland from 2018 till 2021. She received the Matthijs Vermeulen Award from the Dutch Fund for Performing Arts in 2021 for her work Thin Air.


Concept and choreography: Andrea Leine and Harijono Roebana
Composition: Calliope Tsoupaki
Dancers: Andrea Pisano, Timon De Ridder, Kris Mohammed Adem, Aika Goto, Benedita Crispiniano, Margarida Constantino
Musicians: David Kweksilber, David Mackor, Dominique Chabot
Stage setting: Andrea Leine, Harijono Roebana and Jeroen Smith
Lighting design: Jeroen Smith
Costumes: Carlijn Veurink
Dramaturgical advice: Luc de Groen
Repetitor: Michael Jahoda
Lighting: Barry van Rooijen
Sound Design: Oscar Bouwmans

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Published 5 months ago

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