Adriaan Bonsel

Adriaan Bonsel was born in Hilversum on August 4, 1918.
He studied flute at the Conservatory of Music in Amsterdam and composition with Jan Koetsier.

Bonsel was a flutist in the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra and he taught flute at the Utrecht Conservatory of Music. Besides he was conductor of the FASO Flute Ensemble.
He received commissions by the Dutch government and the Dutch radio broadcast. Some of his works are: 'Symphonie no. 2', for orchestra (1959), 'Folkloristische Suite' for winds and percussion (1958), 'Souvenir' for flute solo (1959), and 'Suite' for bamboo flute ensemble and string orchestra (1988).
In 1947 he was awarded the Muziekprijs of the city of Amsterdam for 'Suite' for flute and string orchestra. In 1983 he received a prize for 'Suite populaire' for amateur orchestra in Wurzburg (Germany).

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