Petra Strahovnik: BallerinaBallerina

Musical theatre about an autistic girl

BallerinaBallerina is a musical theatre performance about a 15-year-old autistic girl who walks on her toes when she experiences stress. That is why everyone calls her Ballerina.

The performance is based on the book Ballerina, Ballerina by the Slovenian author Marco Sosič, in which, as a reader, you experience the world from her perspective. The book is a classic of Slovenian literature and for many readers an eye-opener to better understand how autism works.

About the performance

The Hague/Slovenian composer Petra Strahovnik is committed with her work to raise awareness about mental conditions that deviate from the standard. BallerinaBallerina is the final production of the project DisOrders by Ensemble Modelo62 and Strahovnik. For this project Petra wrote a number of pieces about mental conditions. Ensemble Modelo62 guarantees surprising experiences with new music in the leading role. The group consists of 10 self-willed musicians who seek the adventure on their own instrument: flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar, violin, cello, double bass, percussion and piano.

Director Rocc Rappl is artistic director of the National Opera in Slovenia and is responsible for the final direction of this production. In addition to the musicians of Ensemble Modelo62, two sopranos, a performance artist/dancer and a video artist are participating in this production.

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Published 2 months ago

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