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His compositions were performed at the following festivals: International Youth Music Forums, (1993-1998, Kyiv, Ukraine); “Music Premieres of the Season” Festivals, (1994-2010, Kyiv, Ukraine); “Mystets’ke Berezillya” International Festival, (1997, Kyiv, Ukraine); Kyiv-Music-Fest (1997-2010, Kyiv, Ukraine); “Contrasts” International Contemporary Music Festival, (2000, 2004, Lviv, Ukraine); “Two Days & Two Nights” International Contemporary Music Festival (2003, 2004, 2007, 2009 Odessa, Ukraine); “Fest Contemporary Sacred Music” (2006, Ujgorod, Ukraine); “Gogolfest” the festival Contemporary Arts (2009-10, Kyiv, Ukraine); and also on concerts outside Ukraine — in Russia, Ireland and Serbia.Among the performers of his compositions are the National Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), Kyiv State Philharmonic Orchestra (Ukraine), Kyiv Symphony-Pop Orchestra (Ukraine), National Radio Symphony Orchestra (Ukraine), Camerata Kyiv Chamber Orchestra (Ukraine), “Kyiv” Municipal Choir (Ukraine), National Culture University Choir (Ukraine), “MusikFabrik” Contemporary Music Ensemble (Germany), ”Silk Road” Duet (Germany), ”Ricochet” Contemporary Music Ensemble (Ukraine) and Ensemble “World’s Harmony”. Some conductors of these performances are Vyacheslav Blinov, Viktor Ploskina, Volodymyr Syrenko, Valery Matyuchin (Ukraine), Fedir Gluschenko (Russia), Veronique Laqroix (Canada) and Dermot Dun (Ireland).


Svyatoslav Lunyov has received many awards: At Ukrainian Composers’ S. Rachmaninov Competition (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1992); At the Ukrainian competition for young composers GRADUS AD PARNASSUM (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1993); The L. Revutsky Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (1997); The B. Lyatoshinsky Prize of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine (2007).

Other pursuits

Svyatoslav Lunyov was born on April 19, 1964 in Kyiv (Ukraine). In 1993 he graduated from Kyiv State P. Tchaikovsky Conservatoire (the class of composition, leaded by professor L. Kolodub). Since 1998-2001 he is a post-graduate student at the National Music Academy of Ukraine.Svyatoslav Lunyov was teaching composition lessons at the Children Arts School №2 in Kyiv in the years 1993-2001. Since 1999, he has been a lecturer at the National Music Academy of Ukraine (Music Information Technologies Department). Svyatoslav Lunyov is the member of Ukrainian Union of Composers since 1994. He also released a CD in 2006, which is called “Para Pacem Para Bellum” (Quasi Pop).Lunyov is an author of symphonic, chamber, choir, vocal and electro-acoustic musical works and also some cinema-music.

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